BUVERO – Roma Women´s Live Network Project

Media camp, video installation, exhibition, workshops

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Due to their living circumstances, the Roma have few chances to develop their culture and make use of the infrastructural opportunities available to them for this purpose. They also have very little chance of receiving project-specific funding to promote exchange and networking because they fall through the cracks of most national funding organisations. That is why the Roma usually have to organise their cross-border projects on their own. The Buvero project united a variety of artistic activities and formats and focused on the artistic and media-based education of Romani women. Young Roma women from Hungary, Serbia and Germany participated in workshops and a “media camp”, in which they used video and other media to counter the depiction of Sinti and Roma by outsiders and portrayed their own view of the world. The Kai Dikhas Gallery was exhibiting these works in Berlin together with the Budapest-based Romedia Foundation. The exhibition in Berlin, titled “BUVERO EXPO“, featured documentary films by Roma women alongside works by artists from seven European countries. A walk-through media and art installation, performances and video installations offered an international panorama of contemporary forms of artistic expression by young female Roma artists. In their works, the artists expressed topical and volatile views on social issues.

Buvero EXPO brought together young Romani and non-Romani artists from seven European countries. Its opening ceremony was presented at Gallery Kai Dikhas in Berlin, where the short videos have been screened. Next door, four installations and other works by BUVERO participants were on display at TAK Theatre in the “Aufbau Haus”. The installations were: Krujo Alavengo (Talking Circle), O Ves (The Forest), Huravipe (Costumes), Labirinto (Maze).

Artistic director: Katalin Barsony (HU)

Artists: Pablo Vega (SP), Katalin Bársony (HU), André Raatzsch (DE/HU), Damian Le Bas (UK), Roy Cohen (IL), Elemer Santa (HU), Sinziana Marin (RO), Galya Stoyanova (BG), Dávid Szauder (DE/HU), Kristóf Asbot (HU), Dávid Szepesi (HU) and participants of the previous two BUVERO editions (HU): Szamanta Judit Varga, Fanni Gurbai, Alexandra Soregi, Edit Radics, Judit Claudia Balogh, Georgina Laboda.

Performances: Ági Szaloki (HU), Péter Boda (HU).

Other Venues and Dates:

Dunavarsány (HU): 9 – 23 Aug. 2014;


Romedia Foundation

Szépvölgyi u.1.

1036 Budapest

www.romediafoundation.org (external link, opens in a new window)




TAK Theatre in the „Aufbau Haus“

Prinzenstr. 85
10969 Berlin
www.theater-aufbau-kreuzberg.de (external link, opens in a new window)


Gallery for Contemporary Art of the Roma and Sinti in the AUFBAU HAUS

Prinzenstr. 85D
10969 Berlin
kaidikhas.com/de (external link, opens in a new window)