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No one knows exactly where the Battle of the Teutoburger Forest (Varusschlacht) took place. Over the course of many years, researchers have pinpointed hundreds of locations where the battle might have occurred. In commemoration of the 2000th anniversary of this historic battle in 2009, this project presented artistic installations throughout the Bramsche-Kalkriese region which highlighted the area and the myths surrounding the battle. The project, directed by Jan Hoet (director of the documenta IX), offered a unique artistic approach to history, historic myths and icons. Internationally renowned artists formed new lines of reference between the historical "facts" and the tales surrounding them. The venue-specific artworks aimed to engage the imagination and create new images of this historical event.

Artistic director: Jan Hoet
Curator: Lorenzo Bendetti
Artists: Massimo Bartolini (I), Katinka Bock (D/F), Monica Bonvicini (I/D), Bazon Brock, Heinrich Brummack, Pedro Cabrita Reis (P), Rui Chafes (P), Wim Delvoye (B), Fabrice Gygi (CH), Wilfried Hagebölling, Anna Lange (NL), Hans Lemmen (NL), Ives Maes (B), Slava Nakovska (BUL), Dennis Oppenheim (USA), Anette Rose, Fernando Sánchez Castillo (E), Andreas Slominski, Susanne Tunn, Yue Minjun (CN)

Schedule and venue:
25 Apr. 2009 - end of 2011 Bramsche-Kalkriese (archaeological park) and other venues in and around Bohmte, Belm and Ostercappeln


Landschaftsverband Osnabrücker Land e.V.

Schloss Iburg – Hofapotheke

49186 Bad Iburg (external link, opens in a new window)