Find the Gap


In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Galerie Aedes in Berlin will exhibit works by a young generation of architects. In the face of poor professional prospects for young architects, the exhibition will focus on new forms of organisation and action which should also be regarded as part of a universal societal change. "Find the Gap" illustrates a new strategy for young architects, who, instead of waiting to land mega projects, identify niches to best utilize and develop their creativity.

Artistic directors: Kristin Feireiss, Ulla Giesler

Participants: raumlabor_berlin, Office for Subversive Architecture (D, A, GB), Team 444, Markus Link, Mesh (GB, D), SEHW Architekten, NL Architekten, Behles & Jochimsen and others

Venue: Berlin

Schedule: 29 July - 11 September 2005



Else-Ury-bogen 600-601

10623 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)