Crossing the Border

The artistic search for identity in eastern Europe

Curator: Pavel Liška
Artists: Georgi Bogdanov/ Boris Missirkov (BG), Braco Dimitrijevic (SCG/F), Milena Dopitová (CZ), Roza El-Hassan (H), Sanja Ivekoviæ (CRO), Oleg Kulik (UK/RUS), Roman Odák (UK), Dan Perjovschi (ROM), Anri Sala (ALB/F), Ener Liis Semper (EST), Milica Tomiæ (SCG), and others
Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg, 21 Sep. - 26 Nov. 2006
Museum of Contemporary Art / Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 21 Feb. - 15 Apr. 2007

The search for identity is a current theme among artists from eastern Europe where social upheaval has forced people to reinvent their self-image. In cooperation with the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie in Regensburg presented the most significant cultural positions of East European artists in an exhibition that illustrated the differences and similarities between the cultural strategies in dealing with socio-political change.


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