Human Possibility

Bodies / Spheres / Devices

Viktoria Modesta, Prototype, Video Still, 2014 © Viktoria Modesta

The human being has evolved into what we might call the “homo technicus”; technology impacts practically every aspect of modern life. Are we on the way to becoming a “techno-being”? Is it truly characteristic of humans to incessantly technologise their environment and themselves? And how does art respond to and reflect on technological advances? The interdisciplinary exhibition project “Human Possibility” has interwoven the spheres of art and technology and examined the relationship between the body and technical devices.
The exhibition started by directing attention to our penchant for exploring the upper atmosphere by balloon since the 19th century, exemplifying the human desire to conquer the most hostile environments. Sixteen international artists have examined the phenotype of the “digital native” who has discovered his/her own body as a realm of possibility: from DNA spray to designer leg prostheses to implanted sensors and chips. The presentation of body art, performance art and bio-art represented and critically examined the transformative potential of the mechan-ethical, transhuman being. The exhibition theme has been explored further in a film series and lectures by international sociologists, philosophers, theologians and cultural studies scholars.

Artistic directors: Claudia Emmert, Jörg Scheller, Jürgen Bleibler, Karen van den Berg, Maren Lehmann
Curators: Friederica Ihling
Artists: AES+F Group (RU), Art Orienté Objet (FR), Tim Berresheim, Revital Cohen / Tuur Van Balen (GB), Mariechen Danz (IE), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US), Hiroshi Ishiguro (JP), Christian Jankowski, Eduardo Kac (BR), Eva Kotátková (CZ), Viktoria Modesta (LV), Marnix de Nijs (NL), Jon Rafman (CA), Sašo Sedlaček (SI), Ryan Trecartin (US)


Zeppelin Museum

Seestr. 22

88045 Friedrichshafen (external link, opens in a new window)