John Baldessari - Music


John Baldessari (*1931) is one of the leading American artists whose works have strongly influenced countless other artists since the 1960s. This exhibition organized by the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Bonner Kunstverein focused on one of the lesser known aspects of his work - his artistic take on music. By highlighting Baldessari's concept of graphically integrating genuinely non-visual elements, this project examined the conditions of a contemporary "total art work" (Gesamtkunstwerk). It provided examples of music's artistic significance and presented Baldessari's own development in terms of text, sound and images from the 1960s to the present. Baldessari himself developed a new installation that specifically corresponded to the exhibition rooms at the Bonner Kunstverein.

Curators: Stefan Gronert, Christina Végh
Artist: John Baldessari (USA)

Venues and schedule:
Bonner Kunstverein in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Bonn, 12 May - 29 July 2007


Bonner Kunstverein

Hochstadenring 22

53119 Bonn