Kantor, Germany and Switzerland

The painter and theatre artist Tadeusz Kantor is one of the most important Polish artists of the 20th century. Kantor, who died 15 years ago, significantly shaped European avant-garde theatre and wrote history with his famous Theatre of Death. As a fine artist, Kantor gained worldwide recognition with his self-produced "happenings" and his cooperation with Joseph Beuys. In commemoration of his 90th anniversary, the artist will be honoured as an outstanding figure of European cultural history in symposiums, exhibitions and film series.

General director: Uta Schorlemmer
Project members in Leipzig: Henriette Fritzsch, Pior Marczka (PL), Joachim Poznanski, Project members in Krakow: Renata Kopyto (PL), Natalia Zarzecka (PL)

Venue and schedule:
Leipzig 30 Oct. - 30 Dec. 2005
Nürnberg Haus, Krakow 8 - 30 Dec. 2005


Nürnberg Haus

Skaleczna 2

31-065 Krakow