Liam Gillick: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario


The works by Liam Gillick, born in Great Britain in 1964, cannot be categorized by artistic genre or medium. Gillick works with architectural elements and interior spaces, incorporates minimalist concepts into his sculptures and is a prolific writer of essays, reviews, fictional texts and dramatic scenarios.
The exhibition "Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario" was the first retrospective spanning twenty years of Liam Gillick's substantial, multifaceted works. The retrospective was divided into four independently curated exhibitions presented at major art venues around the world, including the Museum Witte de With in Rotterdam, the Kunsthalle Zürich and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.
The Federal Cultural Foundation funded the fourth exhibition at the Kunstverein München. Gillick wrote the play "Mirrored Image: A Volvo Bar" especially for this exhibition which was produced, premiered and filmed at the Kunstverein, and later shown in Chicago. The play was based on the relationships and artistic collaboration which have most significantly influenced Gillick's work.

Artistic directors: Liam Gillick and Stefan Kalmár

Schedule and venue:
27 Sept. 2008 - 16 Nov. 2008 Kunstverein München, Munich


Kunstverein München

Galeriestraße 4

80539 München (external link, opens in a new window)