LuYang. False Awakening

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Project Description

The Chinese multimedia artist LuYang (* 1984) is relatively unknown to European audiences – something the Kunstpalais Erlangen hopes to change with his first-ever solo exhibition in the German-speaking world. LuYang’s works thematically dismantle the apparent dichotomies of virtuality and reality, human and machine, man and woman, religion and science. The artist's claim, however, extends far beyond the realm of fiction - LuYang breaks through established categories of thought such as "real" and "artificial" or "male" and "female" right into his own biography. In his video art and augmented reality installations, he creates immersive, overwhelmingly imaginative experiences which connect elements of traditional Chinese culture with globalised imagery of mangas and Internet-based pop culture. It is this combination of transcultural components and reflection on current issues like non-binarity and gamification, i.e. the application of gaming elements in non-gaming contexts, which has cemented LuYang’s appeal among an international audience.

In addition to his multimedia pieces, the exhibition at the Kunstpalais will also present paintings and the entire spectrum of LuYang’s artistic works. The exhibition is jointly organised by and curated with the Confucius Institute of Nuremberg-Erlangen and will include a multifaceted and multilingual educational and accompanying programme. The main event will be a jointly organised lecture series, in which experts from the fields of Sinology, art theory and theology will examine and explore related aspects in LuYang’s art. The project will also publish the first-ever monograph of LuYang’s works in the form of an accompanying catalogue.

Artistic director: Malte Lin-Kröger
Curator: Nora Gantert
Artist: LuYang
Speakers: Tania Becker, Bernd Dolle-Weinkauff, Popo Fan, Marc Matten, Mi You

Exhibition at the Kunstpalais, Erlangen: 12 Feb – 19 June 2022; Opening: 11 Feb 2022



Stadt Erlangen
Palais Stutterheim
Marktplatz 1
91054 Erlangen (external link, opens in a new window)