Art and dance since the 60

Move was the first exhibition that examined the interplay between art and dance in terms of choreography - of inventing and shaping motion. The aesthetic quality and intention of these joint installations by artists and choreographers could only be experienced when the visitor moved in certain ways. The choreographic concept is to make the visitors' motions an intrinsic component of the works, without which their intention could not be realized.
The exhibition demonstrated that choreography is not simply a matter of writing down or documenting motions, but can take place as part of sculptural works and installations - for example, when the visitor stretches his body, lifts weights or balances in such a way that the installation can "achieve" its full potential.


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These types of encounters with objects in space alter the perception of ourselves as living components of a work and confuse our expectations, as we are accustomed to keeping at a respectful distance when viewing pieces of art. The exhibition displayed a wide range of works, for example, Bruce Nauman's "Corridor" pieces from the 1960s which experiment with the reduction of mobility, and recent works like "The Fact of Matter" (2009) by William Forsythe which features two hundred suspended translucent gymnast rings visitors can climb through, testing their body mass, strength, and coordination skills.
Historic and reconstructed works were displayed alongside newer pieces specially made for the exhibition. An extensive performance programme has accompanied the event outside the exhibition rooms.

Curator: Stephanie Rosenthal
Artists from Dance (Co-curated by Nicky Molloy): Rosemary Butcher (UK), Boris Charmatz (France), Anne Collod (France), Anna Halprin (USA), Vera Mantero (Portugal), Alain Buffard (France), Maria La Ribot (Spain/ Switzerland), Xavier Le Roy (France), Marcela Levi (Brazil), Miguel Pereira (Portugal)
From Exhibition: Pablo Bronstein (UK), Tania Bruguera (Cuba), Boris Charmatz (France), Lygia Clark (Brazil), Trisha Donnelly (USA), William Forsythe (USA/Germany), Dan Graham (USA), Simone Forti (USA), Christian Jankowski (Germany), Isaac Julien (UK), Maria La Ribot (Spain/ Switzerland), Mike Kelley (USA), Xavier Le Roy (France), Robert Morris (USA), Bruce Nauman (USA), João Penalva (Portugal), Tino Sehgal (Germany/UK), Franz Erhard Walther (Germany), Franz West (Austrian)

As part of Archive (Co-curated by Andre Lepecki): Marina Abramovic (Serbia), Vito Acconci (USA), Nevin Aladag (Turkey), Pina Bausch (Germany), Samuel Beckett (Ireland), George Brecht (USA), Trisha Brown (USA), Merce Cunningham (USA), Valie Export (Austria), João Fiadeiro (Portugal), Simone Forti (USA), Gutai Group (Japan), Rebecca Horn (German), Allan Kaprow (USA), Yves Klein (France), Vera Mantero (Portugal), Tom Marioni (USA), Ivana Muller (Croatia/Netherlands/France), Brian O’Doherty (Ireland), Steve Paxton (USA), William Pope.L (USA), Yvonne Rainer (USA), Robert Rauschenberg (USA), Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland), Robin Rhode (South Africa/Germany), Li Wei (China)

Venues and schedule:
Hayward Gallery, Southbank Center, London (GB) 13 October 2010 - 9 January 2011
Haus der Kunst, Munich 11 February - 15 May 2011


The Hayward

Belvederer Road

SE1 8XX London