Northeast Southwest

A transnational project of contemporary art with exhibitions and art projects displayed around the city of Dresden

Project description

In reference to humanity’s ancient markers of orientation, the project “Northeast Southwest” explores the subtle cultural and political coordinate systems and boundaries between the East and West, and the Global South and the Global North. While these lines of interaction and conflict have shifted in history, the thoughts and actions tied to them continue to live on in societies that have experienced far-reaching processes of transformation. And this is where the partner institutions, curators and artists from Germany (Dresden), Poland (Warsaw), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Bihać) and Lebanon (Beirut) have begun their project. During the collective artistic production process, the participants will examine how the geo- and socio-political coordinate systems have changed in recent history in their respective countries. The goal is to address the traumatic experiences of war, genocide, migration and political upheaval and offer possible solutions for constructive coexistence. The individual curatorial approaches in “Northeast Southwest” will be based on personal experiences in the respective regions. The artistic research process will culminate in hybrid workshops, residencies and formats for a diverse audience. The project aims to forge connections between new themes and venues, foster artistic and scientific exchange, and establish ties between museums, urban public spaces and exhibition venues in the independent scene. The produced works and performative interventions will later be shown in a joint exhibition at venues in downtown Dresden. A participatory educational programme will accompany the project with jointly developed events in Beirut, Bihać and Warsaw.

A project coproduced by HELLERAU European Centre of the Arts, the Beirut Art Center, the Revizor Foundation/KRAK in Bihać and the Performing Arts Institute, Warsaw

Artistic directors: Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Ahmad Ghossein, Haig Aivazian, Irfan Hošic, Marta Keil, Grzegorz Reske
Artists: Petra Serhal, Omar Mismar, Caroline Tabet, Irma Markulin, Selma Selman, Darija Radaković, Ingrid Vranken, Janek Turkowski & Iwona Nowacka, Zorka Wollny and others

Presentation of works at public venues in Dresden: Kunsthaus Dresden, HELLERAU, Dresden: 2 Sep. – 20 Nov. 2022; Event/presentation: Bihać KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture, Bihać : 7 Sep. 2022– 11 Jan. 2023; Theatre presentations/tours: HELLERAU, Dresden 23 – 25 Sep. 2022; Event/presentations: Beirut Art Center, Beirut: 11 Oct. 2022 – 16 Jan. 2023