The Junges Theater Bremen and the kainkollektiv are ringing in the renaissance of fairy tales. In view of the political and social challenges and events of our times which have found their way into childrens’ rooms, this project aims to discover the fables of the present and the tales of the future. What legends today reflect the cultural identity and self-image of our globalised world, and how can these be conveyed to young people? What forms of theatrical storytelling are necessary to adequately communicate the utopias, phantasms and nightmares of today?

The project “Still out there” is devoted to the locally situated, yet globally famous fairy tale of the Bremen Town Musicians. The Junges Theater Bremen and kainkollektiv are working together with young participants, refugee children and experts from the city of Bremen to create an urban spatial sculpture that addresses this story of exodus and embeds it in references to recent events. In a second project, the organisers will develop an interdisciplinary fairy-tale machine.


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