Ou Ning


Cao Fei (born in 1978) and Ou Ning (born in 1969) are both film and video artists who live in the city of Guangzhou. European audiences have long been acquainted with their works through a series of exhibitions and performances which have appeared at a number of German venues including the Center for Contemporary Art at Kampnagel in Hamburg, the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart in Berlin and the New Society for Visual Arts (NGbK) in Berlin. Ou Ning began his artistic career in the field of poetics and later successfully launched an alternative music organisation, an art publishing book, and a literature/art café in Guangzhou. The artists will base their project in Peking on "The San Yuan Li Project", a work they presented at the 50th Biennale in Venice in 2004 in the "Zona d'Urgenza" exhibition ("Zone of Urgency", curated by Hou Hanru). Using film and photographic documentation, the artists will examine the social and economic transformation process taking place in villages which have been administratively integrated into the megacity of Peking as a result of its explosive expansion.