Playback_Simulated Realities


Artistic director: Sabine Himmelsbach
Artists: Ant Farm & T.R.Uthco (USA), Christoph Draeger (CH/USA), Omer Fast (IL/USA), Beate Geissler/Oliver Sann, Lynn Hershman (USA), Felix Stephan Huber (CH/D), Eddo Stern (IL/USA), Milica Tomic (SCG) and others
Venue: Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg
Schedule: 3 Sep. - 5 Nov. 2006

Simulations - particularly in computer games - are becoming more popular every day. By reproducing historic events and lifestyles, these media-generated simulations have also begun to influence our perception of reality. This exhibition examines the function of digitally simulated worlds in computer games and evaluates to what degree our modern-day understanding of historic events may be influenced by various simulation strategies. The central theme of the exhibition deals with the possible consequences we face when living in a "spectacle-crazed society" where the separation between reality and representation dissolves.



Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst

Katherinenstr. 23

26121 Oldenburg