Porcelain and Volcano

Contemporary collaborative practice

The Danish group SUPERFLEX is an example of an artists’ group which formed to avoid succumbing to the commercialising structures in the art business and develop their own strategies for artistic autonomy. Others, particularly younger collectives, choose instead to play with or imitate structures of capitalism by presenting themselves and operating as businesses, limited liability companies, corporations and political organisations (e.g. DIS, DAS INSTITUT, GCC, Badlands unlimited, Green Tea Gallery).
The activities of collectives, partnerships and collaborations develop their own dynamics and subvert the traditional understanding of authorship. Their collective work is often characterised by its physical presence, shared spaces, joint social structures and mutual discourse. But can we view such collaboration as a reaction to the developments of the art market, digital networking and the pressure to adapt to a globally oriented artistic production? The exhibitions at the Schinkel Pavilion intended to explore this question and presented collective collaboration as a contemporary artistic practice.

LOVE IV: Cold Shower

The Schinkel Pavillon began its series “Porcelain and Volcano. Collaborative Practice in Contemporary Art” with the exhibition “LOVE IV: Cold Shower” by the British artists Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne. For their exhibition “LOVE IV: Cold Shower” in the Schinkel Pavillon, Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne created a spatial installation based on a series of inflatable sculptures, on which they’ve sporadically collaborated since 2012. Filling the exhibition space with their inflatables, the aim was to alternately celebrate and preclude the original visual experience of the venue.

Artistic directors: Nina Pohl, Camilla von dem Bussche

Artists / collectives / performance / dance: Anthea Hamilton (GB), Shahryar Nashat (CH), Adam Linder (AUS), Paul Chan / Badlands (US), New Theater (US), Grand Openings (US)


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