Rix Rax Immo Real - clearance sale of the East

In East German real estate catalogues, one can find properties once owned by the former GDR for sale to the highest bidder. The artists Katharina Hohmann and Stefan Dornbusch have discovered that most properties in these catalogues are worthless plots - strips of land alongside roads or fields which can neither be built upon or used for agricultural purposes. Having purchased seven such plots, they now intend to artistically transform and convert them into artistic venues. Bus tours will be organized to allow visitors to view the artistic alteration of these rural areas.

Art project in rural areas

Katharina Hohmann and Stefan Dornbusch

Uncultivated landscapes in the new German Länder

Funding period:
June 2004 - December 2005


Katharina Hohmann
Stefan Dornbusch

Paul-Schneider-Str. 11

99423 Weimar