Shirin Neshat

Women in society

Shirin Neshat has gained prominence as one of the most influential female artists to probe the tense relationship between Islam and Western culture. The main theme in her early photo and video works was the role of women in Iran and Islamic societies. In her later works, her focus shifted to life in exile, the diaspora, and the experience of losing one’s homeland. The Kunsthalle Tübingen has presented a major exhibition of works by this important artist who grew up in Iran and now lives in the United States. The exhibition featured a compilation of her most significant pieces from every artistic phase – from her famous calligraphic photos of the 1990s to her video installations and most recent productions from 2016/17. The central theme of the exhibition was the current role of women in patriarchal societies. On the basis of Neshat’s artistic positions, the exhibition shed light on the role models of Muslim women in Western societies and Islamic-oriented countries. The project coordinators included a programme on current feminist film and video art, developed in cooperation with the Arabic Film Festival Tübingen. The Kunsthalle Tübingen held an international conference on art in Iran and organised a lecture series about the “UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women” in cooperation with research centres and the University of Tübingen.

Artist: Shirin Neshat (IR)


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  • 1 July, 2017 : Exhibition

    Kunsthalle, Tübingen


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