Talking Pictures

Theatricality in contemporary film and video works

The exhibition Talking Pictures presented contemporary film and video works based on theatre and its production methods. Some of the works explicitly addressed the medium of theatre and included its sometimes seemingly old-fashioned illusion techniques, the materiality of its stage, set and props, and the dramatic methods actors use to approach literary texts in their interpretations. Other works resembled hybrid forms as they combined both film and theatre techniques. The films and videos often took up three-dimensional space and were scenically arranged as if on stage, while others integrated artistic materials into the installations, such as sculptures, photos or paper.

Curator: Doris Krystof; Curatorial assistant: Barbara J. Scheuermann
Participating artists: Victor Alimpiev (RUS), Keren Cytter (IL), Danica Dakic (BIH), Yang Fudong (CHN), Catherine Sullivan (USA), Markus Schinwald (A), Ana Torfs (B), Mathilde ter Heijne (NL), T.J. Wilcox (USA), Gillian Wearing (GB)

Venue and schedule:
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, K 21, Düsseldorf; 18 August - 4 November 2007


Stiftung Kunstsammlungen

Grabbeplatz 5

40213 Düsseldorf