The 68ers - Short Summer, Big Impact



This cultural-historic exhibition contributed to the contextualization of the events that occurred forty years ago during that "short summer" of 1968 and reflected on the values and attitudes of the 68ers and the societal changes they initiated. The project's curators were members of the next generation born in the 1970s. Therefore, the exhibition explicitly examined the various revolutions following 1968 from the perspective of those who came later. In addition to the political goals of the 68ers and their struggle to address Germany's (National Socialistic) past, the curators also focused on the everyday culture of the late 1960s and issues concerning unconventional lifestyles. The main focus of the exhibition was the so-called "Conformist Hell", an installation that featured the insignia of their parents' petty bourgeois lives from which the 68ers tried to distance themselves.

Artistic director: Jan Gerchow
Curators: Andreas Schwab (CH), Beate Schappach (CH), Manuel Gogos


Historisches Museum Frankfurt am Main

Saalgasse 19

60311 Frankfurt / M.