The Art and its Audience

New Forms of Presentation through Visitor-Oriented Exhibition Practices and Demonstrations - Funded by the International Museum Fellowship Programme

New forms of communication, reception and participation via digital and social media have presented public art museums with the challenge of developing new ideas to attract and integrate today’s audiences. What do visitors expect of museums? Who exactly are their potential visitors and in what public spheres are museums actively involved? The usual canon of working methods at museums – i.e. collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and educating – is being put to the test. For the past two decades, museums in Great Britain and the United States have been busy developing new strategies of “audience development”. With its project “The Art and Its Audience”, the Lehmbruck Museum would like to tie into these findings and explore such subjects as audience contact, participation and sustainability.

These issues will present themselves in connection with the exhibition “The European Experiment. Constant and the European Avant-garde 1950-1960”. The fellow participated as a curator in the exhibition on the Dutch artist and work to develop new forms of presentation. She was responsible for drawing up a programme for the exhibition which specifically focused on testing new formats of audience contact. A concluding symposium served to reflect on and documented the results of the fellowship.

The International Museum Fellowship programme

With this funding programme, the Federal Cultural Foundation enabled guest curators and researchers from abroad to work at museums or public collections in Germany for a duration of 18 months.

Clara Wanatirta, Fellow at the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum

Born in Indonesia, Clara Wanatirta (*1988) is an art historian, artist, and museum educator. She has assumed roles in education, curatorial, and development in museums in Jakarta and New York City. Parallel to this, her work experience in corporate editorial and technology sectors have given her unique perspectives to marketing and press relations (PR) work. Projects accomplished over the years include launching social media campaigns, created art workshop projects, and public programme coordination. Clara Wanatirta is interested in utilizing technology and interdepartmental collaborations within museums to push their potentials as a centre of learning and cultural preservation.


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