The first minute of the rest of a movie

For artists who have just started their careers, exhibition projects often serve as an important catalyst for new works. This is especially true for exhibitions at art associations which are particularly interested in works of an experimental character. The Kunstverein in Bonn is one such association which is also implementing the dialogic principle by inviting two young artists, Jonas Dahlberg and Ján Manèuška, to jointly work on an exhibition featuring artwork that relates to one another.

Curator: Christiane Végh
Artists: Jonas Dahlberg (S), Ján Manèuška (CZ)

Venues and schedule:
Bonn, Kunstverein 31 Sep. - 13 Nov. 2005
St. Gallen, Neue Kunsthalle 8 Apr. - 28 May 2006


Bonner Kunstverein

Hochstadenring 22

53119 Bonn