Every organisation has its own public relations department, as does every political party and every religious community. Yet who represents the interests of the majority of citizens in the public sphere? Together with the Schauspiel Dortmund, the action artists’ collective Peng! has finally established the first PR agency for civil society, “THE POPULISTS“, to rectify this shortcoming with a public relations campaign. They are experts in media-based mudslinging, paparazzi mobs and unorthodox opinion-building. THE POPULISTS create custom-made, high-profile events with movie, TV and Internet stars in order to promote a good cause. THE POPULISTS perform multimedia plays featuring business and political heroes who were never asked to be involved. The project will provide media-based added value to Dortmund’s social conscience in the coming two years – in a comprehensive, solution-oriented and efficient manner.

The Peng! Collective and the Schauspiel Dortmund will collaborate on developing theatrical activism / activist theatre of the future during the next two theatre seasons.


  • 06.11.2015

    Opening party

    Schauspielhaus | Dortmund


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