The social collector / passion of collecting

Collecting is a basic human need, driven by the desire to keep what is found and the anxiety of an uncertain future. Private collections not only reflect an individual's personal obsession, but also unique social and historic situations. The double exhibition in Weimar and Leipzig presents eleven international collections as examples of how diverse people's motivation for collecting can be, while showing a spectrum of collectable items - from trash and refuse, which, when displayed, become archaeological gems of contemporary history, to objects originating from the years of dictatorship in the post-communist states.

Artistic director: Frank Motz

Collectors: Hiroshi Fuji (J), Björn Melhus, Rainer Splitt, Nevin Aladag (TR/IL) and others

Venues and schedule:
Weimar, ACC Galerie 21 Oct. - 4 Dec. 2005
Leipzig, Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei 1 May - 2 Oct. 2005


ACC Galerie Weimar

Burgplatz 1+2

99423 Weimar