Water Street Rail Air

Exhibition on mobility around Lake Constance

Traffic and mobility were the central themes in this exhibition at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. It documented 200 years of transportation history in the region of Lake Constance and illustrated how the initial enthusiasm for innovations in transport technology was dampened by the impact of noise pollution, a rapidly growing volume of traffic and other negative side effects of industrialization. The exhibition examined how progress during certain periods of history influenced the economic, social and cultural structure of the region of Lake Constance. In addition to historical and technical exhibits, the curators also presented works by international contemporary artists who respond to the multifarious challenges of personal and social mobility which become more volatile in times of rapidly changing working and living conditions. By means of this cross-sectional view of culture, the exhibition hoped to offer new insights into mobility and its impact on our life.

Artistic director: Frank-Thorsten Moll
Curators: Heike Vogel, Barbara Waibel, Jürgen Bleibler, Sabine Mücke
Artists: Michelle Atherton (GB), Marnix de Nijs (NL), Georg Keller, Andreas Lohrenschat, Bruce Naumann (USA), Peter Piller, Michael Sailstorfer, Roman Signer (CH), Hector Zamorá (MEX) and others

Venue and schedule:
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, 20 May – 11 Sept. 2011, opens 19 May 2011


Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

Seestraße 22

88045 Friedrichshafen

www.zeppelin-museum.de (external link, opens in a new window)