Work Fiction

Exhibition Kunstverein Wolfsburg – Funded in the „Future of Labour“ fund

In autumn 2007, the Kunstverein (Art Association of) Wolfsburg hosted an exhibition titled "Work Fiction" which presents historic and contemporary visions of work as portrayed in the fine arts, film and pop culture. Such visions are often forgotten very quickly. Yet some future developments seem to be taking place today. This exhibition applied visual means to examine the visions of work that have already come to pass, those we can expect in the future, and those that have proven false. Various futuristic fantasies were condensed into 10 thesis-like visions which are displayed at the association as room units designed by one or more artists. These visions included the concept of permanent mobility, virtualised work, humans and the machine entity (cyborgs) and the eradication of money. The exhibition was accompanied by a programme featuring science fiction films, music videos and animation.The accompanying programme included science-fiction movies, music videos and animated films, as well as lectures and discussions that reflected on the themes of the programme at a theoretical level.

Artistic director: Justin Hoffmann
Participating artists: bankleer, Eduardo Kac, My Robot Friend, Tatjana Preuss, Thomas Ravens, Oliver Ressler, Hans Scheirl, Surveillance Camera Players, Annette Wehrmann, The Yes Men

Venue: Kunstverein Wolfsburg


Schedule: 31 August 2007 to 4 November 2007


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