Music and dance in Uganda and Germany – funded by the TURN2 Fund

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Project description

The world today is one in which people frequently oscillate between perceiving steadily increasing complexity and reverting to simplification, binary thinking, demarcation and populism. It is all the more important, therefore, that we embrace possibilities of empathetic encounter and diversity in order to jointly address global issues and mutually generate ideas and inspiration.

“Afropollination” vividly symbolises this mutual fertilisation. The project by Piranha Arts in Berlin in cooperation with the Boutique Foundation / Nyege Nyege Collective in Kampala plans to invite a handpicked group of individuals – music and dance artists from six African countries and Germany – to participate in a transnational laboratory for acoustic exploration. The aim is to create a safe, experimental space where participants can develop new works, points of view, insights and new realities.

The project places particular focus on the inseparability of music and dance, which are all too often detached from one another in the genre-oriented international scene. It recontextualises music by means of dance elements and integrates contemporary dancers and choreographers to provide modern interpretations of classical and cutting-edge aesthetics. “Afropollination” encourages collaboration between the German participants, who are mainly established in the electronic music, and artists and producers of innovative, urban and fringe electronic music scenes from the African continent together.

Project partner: Boutique Foundation / Nyege Nyege Festival, Kampala / Jinja, Uganda ( (external link, opens in a new window))
Further partners: CTM Festival Berlin, MS Stubnitz Hamburg, Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, Cosmo Radio Köln

Artistic director: Nyege Nyege Collective (UG)
With: Afrorack (UG), Astan Meyer (DE), DJ Paypal (DE), Decay (UG), Violaine le Fur (CM), Sarah Ndele (CD), Chrisman (CD), Zora Snake (CM), EXOCÉ (DE), Zakente (AO), Astan KA – Mali/France /Germany, Binghi - Rwanda, Bloomfeld – Ivory Coast / Germany, Debmaster – France / Germany, DJ Diaki - Mali, Exocé – Congo / France / Germany, Jay Mita -Tanzania, Jessica Ekomane – Cameroon/ France / Germany, Limpe Fuchs - Germany, Menzi – South Africa, Miziguruka - Rwanda, Phatstoki – South Africa, Zai and Nana -Tanzania, Zoe Mc Pherson – Ireland / France / Germany

15.09.2022 – 18.09.2022 Nyege Nyege Festival, Jinja – Residencies / Concerts / Performances


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 17 June, 2023 to 18 June, 2023: Closing event

    Festsaal Kreuzberg,, Berlin

  • 10 June, 2023 : Performances & Concerts at Cosmo Festival

    Junk Yard,, Dortmund

  • 9 June, 2023 to 15 June, 2023: Afropollination Residencies: Shows & Talks

    MS Stubnitz,, Hamburg

  • 28 January, 2023 to 4 February, 2023: Performances / Concerts, Workshops, Film, Artist's Conversation

    28th Jan 21.00 @ HAU 2: Performance Limpe Fuchs + Afrorack
    29th Jan 21:00 @ HAU 2: Performance Jessica Ekomane + Afrorack
    31st Jan 14.00 @ FabLab Neukölln: Workshop: DYI Electronics for Music by Brian Bamanya aka Afrorack
    1st Feb @ Silent Green: Singeli Movement: 14.30 film screening, 15.30 artists´conversation
    2nd Feb 02.00 @ Berghain: Performance 3OK (Zoë Mc Pherson, Jay Mitta, and DJ Diaki) with dancers Nana & Zai
    3rd Feb 12.00 @Morphine Raum: Workshop How to make Singeli with Jay Mitta
    3rd Feb 15.00 @Morphine Raum: Workshop How to make Gqom with Menzi
    4th Feb @ RSO: Performances 00:30 Bloomfeld b2b Phatstoki and Miziguruka, 02.00 Menzi and Debmaster, 04.30 Binghi and Astan KA

    CTM Festival, Berlin

  • 22 January, 2023 to 2 February, 2023: Performances/Concerts

    22nd Jan 19.00: Performance Jessica Ekomane and Afrorack
    31st Jan 19.30: Performances Bloomfeld b2b Phatstoki and Miziguruka //3OK (Zoë Mc Pherson, Jay Mitta, and DJ Diaki) with dancers Nana & Zai
    2nd Feb 19.30: Performances Binghi, Astan KA and Exocé // Menzi and Debmaster

    MS Stubnitz, Hamburg


Piranha Arts AG

Kreuzbergstraße 30
10965 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)