Club Contemporary Classical (C3) Festival

Festival of international musical innovations in New Music and electronic club music

The C3 festival explored the divide between New Music and electronic club music – two genres which have had little in common in the past, even though many composers have ventured to combine so-called “serious” music with entertaining music. Lately a number of works have been produced which merge the two genres. This is where the C3 festival came in. Established in 2009, it launched an international platform of creative exchange between artists and producers of both musical currents, promoted a variety of new musical approaches and significantly contributed to shifting New Music out of its isolated niche. In 2011 the festival organizers succeeded to merge New Music and electronic club music in various concerts, workshops and lectures in three cities. As in previous years, it presented musical approaches by artists who draw on a classical and electronic musical background.

Artistic director: Jennifer Dautermann; Coordinator in Essen: Fabian Lasarzik; Coordinator in Gdansk: Michael Jacaszek (PL); Artists: Sebastian Meissner (Klimek) & Kwartludium (PL), Victoire (USA), Pierre Jodlowski (FR), Jacaszek & Silva Rerum (PL), Julián Elvira & Jesus Navarro (ES), Zeitkratzer Moritz Eggert, Kai Schumacher, Hauschka, Trio ESJ (D/A), Arandel (FR) and others

Venues and schedule:
Berlin, Berghain, 23 – 24 Nov. 2011
Berlin, Radialsystem, 25 – 26 Nov. 2011
Essen, Zeche Zollverein 24 – 26 Nov. 2011
Gdansk, Baltic Sea Cultural Center, 1 – 3 Dec. 2011


Piranha Kultur GmbH

Bergmannstraße 102

10961 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)