Ensemble Modern

Funded as one of Germany’s “cultural beacons”

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project description

Ensemble Modern is a self-organised association of artists which has been pioneering contemporary music for over 40 years. Depending on the musical piece, it can adjust its complement from a chamber music ensemble to a full-sized orchestra. This flexibility enables it to perform the entire range of contemporary music - from music theatre, dance and video projects to chamber music, ensemble and orchestral concerts. Ensemble Modern works closely with contemporary composers who are commissioned to write pieces for the Ensemble and also to develop them jointly with its members. This has resulted in extraordinary and oftentimes longstanding partnerships with such renowned composers as Rebecca Saunders, Brigitta Muntendorf, Iris ter Schiphorst, Olga Neuwirth, Péter Eötvös, Heiner Goebbels, Mauricio Kagel, György Ligeti, Steve Reich and Frank Zappa. Committed to presenting works with the highest degree of authenticity, its musicians perform an average of 70 new works a year, around 25 of which are world premieres. Ensemble Modern is known for innovation and its commitment to promoting young talent, e.g. by cooperating with composers of the younger generation through its International Ensemble Modern Academy, holding workshops and master courses worldwide for instrumentalists, and offering a one-year master’s degree programme in cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. In the coming years, Ensemble Modern aims to take on new challenges. In terms of structure, it is preparing first and foremost for a generational change. In addition to incorporating young perspectives, the Ensemble’s founding members intend to pass their expertise and experience to the new generation, thereby setting the democratically organised ensemble on a sustainable path of development. In the future, not only will Ensemble Modern continue to cultivate its trendsetting repertoire, but also incorporate current issues into its artistic production. These include managing the challenges of artificial intelligence, integrating global perspectives into their work and developing experimental event formats. Greater attention will be paid to competence training, promoting young talent and developing participatory projects. Ensemble Modern also aims to establish sustained touring and concert operations.


Ensemble Modern

Schwedlerstr. 2-4
60314 Frankfurt/Main
Tel.: +49 (0)69 9434 3020
Fax: +49 (0)69 9434 3030