European Trip 2007

c/o pop - electronic music festival

Although the c/o pop music festival in Cologne is enjoyed by enormous crowds every summer, it is by no means a generic mass event. With its particular focus on electronic music, the festival provides an overview of the current developments in the electronic pop culture in Europe. At the same time, it initiates cooperative projects with cinemas, museums, and literary organizations in the city to explore and use the mutual pop-cultural aspects of other genres, e.g., film, literature and the fine arts.

Artistic director: Marc Knaur
Participants: Francoise Lamy, Frau Soler, Alberto Campo
Artists: Binder & Kriegelstein (A), Cabene (F), Lee van Dowski (CH), Erlend Oye (DK), Agoria (F), Tekkel (F), Hervé AK (F), Chloé (F), Kate Wax (S), Mr. Mueck (S), Cosili (S), Solotempo (S), Tony Granko aka Yori Titturitu (SK), Colors of Soul (SK), Le Charme Discret (SK), Bernhard Fleischmann (A), Rainer Klang (A), Alex Under (ES), Ferenc (ES) and others

Cologne: Blue Note, Prime Club, Stadtgarten, Studio 627, Subway and other locations
Schedule: 23 - 26 Aug. 2007


cologne on pop

Wissmannstraße 30

50823 Köln