Although many companies in the music industry have long become part of global conglomerates, their labels are usually only successful on a national level. The London music festival "Fertilizer" has been presenting foreign music outside the mainstream since 2002 in hopes of reducing the consumers' prejudices and ignorance regarding foreign music cultures and genres. This year's festival, "Good shit from Germany", will first be presented at the Berlin Popkomm Fair before going on to perform for London audiences.
Artistic director: The Hub and Sound UK Ltd. in cooperation with German Sounds (Peter James)
Artists: von Spar, 17 Hippies, B. Fleischmann, Markus Stockhausen, Enders Room, General Electric, Man's Best Friend, Kevin Blechdom, T. Raumschmiere and others

Venues and schedule:
Berlin 14 Sep. 2005
London 20 - 23 Oct. 2005


German Sounds AG

Fasanenstraße 85

10623 Berlin