Gran Torso

Helmut Lachenmann's uncompromising individuality has made him one of today's most important composers. However, there has never been a comprehensive presentation of his musical pieces in Berlin. In celebration of his 70th birthday, the Konzerthaus Berlin has accepted this challenge with the aim of positioning Lachenmann's music in a historical context of European art music and illustrating his incredible influence on younger generations of composers.

Artistic director: Heike Hoffmann
Composers: Helmut Lachenmann, Arnold Schönberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jörg Birkenkötter, Marc André and others
Singers: Quatuor Diotima (F), Boris Charmatz und Tanzkompanie (F), Ensemble Modern (Brad Lubman, USA), Ensemble Modern Orchestra (Markus Stenz), ensemble recherche, Marino Formenti (I), ensemble mosaik and others

Venue and schedule:
Oslo 4 - 16 Oct. 2005
Berlin 17 - 23 Oct. 2005
Hudderfield 26 - 27 Nov. 2005
Vienna October/November 2005


Konzerthaus Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt 2

10117 Berlin