Hamburg Klangwerktage 2006

Young contemporary music festival

The Hamburg Sound Works Days (Hamburger Klangwerktage) is a brand-new festival competition for young composers. The festival is especially unique in that all the winners of the composition competition will have the opportunity to present their works to each other and jointly develop a group composition at the Festival Campus. The musicians of the International Ensemble Modern Academie will be on hand to assist the young composers as dialogue partners and performers for the duration of the Campus period. The festival will culminate in two concert evenings at the Hamburger Sprechwerk where the award-winning compositions and group compositions will be performed.

Artistic director: Thomas Schmölz
Music: Ensemble of the International Ensemble Modern Academie, countertenor: Tim Severloh, Festival Campus coordinator: Cathy Milliken, symposium: Andreas Schoon
Venue: Hamburger Sprechwerk
Schedule: 20 - 25 Nov. 2006


Förderverein Hamburger Sprechwerk e. V.

Klaus-Groth-Straße 23

20535 Hamburg