KlangZeit 2014

War and peace

Mazen Kerbaj mit erweiterter Trompete © Stewart Mostofsky

In the times of conventional warfare, marching music was used as a means of synchronising and propelling troops forward into battle. Nowadays, heavy metal music blasts from MP3 players – the war soundtrack of today which gets soldiers psyched up to fight. The KlangZeit Festival 2014 addressed the theme of war and peace. It investigated the significance of music in reflecting war and peace based on the music of times past, as well as newly commissioned works and well-known contemporary pieces. The programme area “Music of Displacement” examined the consequences of war, for example, displacement and misery. Artists such as Hassan Khan (Egypt), Bassem Alkhouri (Syria) and Chatschatur Kanajan (Armenia) explored this theme in detail in their commissioned compositions. The programme area “Music of Peace” featured outstanding works of the 20th and 21st century by renowned composers, such as Steve Reich (“Different Trains”), Igor Stravinsky (“The Soldier’s Tale”) und Luca Lombardi (“Why”). A commissioned symphonic work by the Swiss composer Michael Jarrell also explored the topic of peace. The festival focused on the eastern Mediterranean region from Cairo to Istanbul where revolutionary movements and rebellions have stoked massive social upheaval. In addition to contemporary music, the festival presented traditional music from a number of Mediterranean countries, such as Turkey, Iraq and Palestine, as well as European music dating back to the Peace of Westphalia. During the festival, musicians from Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Germany met at an improvisation workshop. The results of their collaboration were presented in a closing concert.

Curators: Reinbert Evers, Stephan Froleyks, Erhard Hirt
Composers: Cecilia Kim (KP), Hassan Khan (EG), Chatschatur Kanajan (AM), Yannis Kyriakidis (CY), Manos Charalabopoulos (GR), Bassem Alkhouri (SY), Taner Akyol (TR), Josef Bardanashvili (GE/IL), Jörg Birkenkötter, Michael Jarrell (CH)
Ensembles: Hezarfen Ensemble (TR), Ensemble Ayangil (TR), Ensemble Sidare (IQ), Kamilya Jubran (PS), Münster Symphony Orchestra, Improvisation Ensemble (musicians from Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and NRW)


Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Münster e.V.

Achtermannstr. 12

48143 Münster

www.klangzeit-muenster.de (external link, opens in a new window)