Nuremberg Music Installations

Festival for SpaceTimeBody Musical Works

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How does one present new musical forms and formats outside the concert venue? At the “Nuremberg Music Installations” festival, the public will be able to experience eight music-performative installations at selected locations in Nuremberg. Through the immersive experience of music, these works will explore new dimensions of temporality and spatiality and seek alternatives to conventional concert production processes. Due to its participative approach, the festival represents a counter-model to the hierarchical division of labour by composers, conductors and musicians, the separation of the stage and audience, and the typical concert structure of performance-applause, performance-applause.

Composer Wojtek Blecharz and performance artist Vala T. Foltyn are developing a “sound ritual” for the former Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg which highlights the Nazi resistance fighters of Cracow. For their project entitled “Cruising Nürnberg”, the artists’ collective Creamcake is organising a boat tour featuring performances, concerts and installations. The instrumentalist all-rounder and composer Lester St. Louis will oversee a fluid improvisational venue where local and international musicians will co-create a web of music, dialogue, theory and poetry. The artists Göksu Kunak and Astrit Ismaili are developing an immersive performance installation which explores the internalisation of Western clichés in non-Western pop cultural contexts.

With its open thematic and structural approach, “Nuremberg Music Installations” aims to appeal to a broad segment of the public. The audience is invited to move freely among the installations and not only become acquainted with the individual works, but also their context in the city of Nuremberg. The festival sees itself as inclusive and rejects all forms of class discrimination. Consequently, the organisers will adopt a price-flexible ticketing system, ensure accessibility and offer low-threshold presentation formats.

Artistic directors: Laure M. Hiendl, Bastian Zimmermann

Artists: Nile Koetting, Wojtek Blecharz & Vala T. Foltyn, Göksu Kunak & Astrit Ismaili, Benjamin van Bebber & Leo Hofmann, DAF Kollektiv, Lester St. Louis, Heinrich Horwitz + Decoder Ensemble, Creamcake

Festival: various venues, Nuremberg: 7 – 10 Jul. 2022


Musik Installationen e.V.

Bastian Zimmermann & Laure M. Hiendl