European festival for a different music theatre

The Neuköllner Oper was launching a new festival titled “OpenOp“ featuring six performance venues and thirteen productions, four of which were world premieres and five of which were international guest performances from Macedonia, Estonia, Belgium, Holland and the Czech Republic.
The Neuköllner Oper regards its small-scale music theatre productions as distinctly different from those produced at large-scale opera houses. Featuring “music theatre in human proportion”, the festival presented agile, small-format European music theatre pieces that emphasized socially relevant stories. The productions demonstrated an alternative to dealing with musical heritage and took a new approach to current issues. The musical spectrum spanned from Mozart to Balkan pop music of the 1980s to the Turkish avant-garde. The festival included an accompanying musical performance programme and the “OpenForum” scholarship programme. At the “OpenForum”, young music theatre artists from Germany and Europe had the opportunity to meet with numerous guests and lecturers, collaborate on joint projects and network their activities.

Artistic director: Andreas Altenhof, Bernhard Glocksin, Christian Römer
Artists: Moritz Eggert, Franznobel (A), Volker Schmidt (A), Hans Platzgumer (A), Sommer Ulrickson (USA), Moritz Gagern, Peeter Jalakas (EE), Jiri Adamek (CZ), Susanne Marx (NL), Evrim Demirel (TUR), David Moss, Wouter van Loy, Joachim Brackx (B), Dejan Dukovski, Sandy Lopicic, Suse Wächter, Hans Jörn Brandenburg and others

Venue and schedule:
Neuköllner Oper, Berlin, 8 - 18 April 2010


Neuköllner Oper

Karl-Marx-Straße 131-133

12043 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)