Radio Corax will contribute to the festivities commemorating Halle’s 1,200th anniversary with the most extensive radio art project ever offered in Germany’s independent media field. Designed as an exhibition, RADIO REVOLTEN will portray radio as a loca

Other public events and performances are planned to accompany the exhibition. At the beginning of October, Radio Corax will host an experimental radio week, during which international media artists and radio producers will meet at the FM@dia 06 congress to discuss the potential of radio in an urban and transnational context. One of the main goals of the congress is to reflect on the self-perception and foreign perception of Halle as a radio and media city.

The curatorial team is comprised of the following seven experts from independent radio stations, public service broadcasters and the media arts field: the expert on acoustic art and experimental radio Sabine Breitsameter, the freelance curator and web art activist Micz Flor, the musicologist and expert on acoustic art and network music Golo Föllmer, the radio play author and radio coach Udo Israel, the theatre and performance artist Marold Langer-Philippsen, the media sociologist and radio artist Sven Thiermann, and the radio coach and radio and performance artist Ralf Wendt.



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