singuhr – projects: MODULAR MUSIC

A series combining concert, installation, environment and performance elements

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Project Description

In a setting where concert, installation, environment and performance genres intermingle, “singuhr – projects” presents MODULAR MUSIC”, three works of New Music that combine musical-compositional aspects and artistic-sculptural practice. In collaboration with artists from various fields, the project aims to explore new forms of cross-genre music and art production. Twenty-six German and international musicians, composers and sound artists are involved in the collective-compositional process.

MODULAR MUSIC pays tribute to one of the leading pioneers of experimental music, the composer David Tudor, with a new interpretation of the performative, electronic music piece “Rainforest IV” (1973) – a New Music classic. The project not only contains references to the origins of the genre, but also sets out in search of current trends with two world premieres: Phillip Sollmann’s and Konrad Sprenger’s experimental electronic piece “Modular Organ System” and “Myriad II – A Concert Installation”, a new work by one of the most influential composers of our time, Rebecca Saunders.

At each of the venues, the audience will play an integral role in the performance. In this respect, the project is exploring little-known territory. Beyond the scope of theoretical analysis and within the bounds of event praxis, the performance and audience will explore what can develop in the interplay of concert, installation, environment and performance elements. MODULAR MUSIC will be staged in Berlin, Bochum, Cracow, Brussels and Riga and accompanied by discussions with the artists.


Artistic directors: Carsten Seiffarth, Markus Steffens
Participating artists/musicians: Part 1 (Modular Organ System): Phillip Sollmann & Konrad Sprenger (Ltg.), Ellen Arkbro, Ensemble Brass Abacus, Part 2 (Myriad II): Rebecca Saunders und Martin Rein-Cano / TOPOTEK 1, Bettina Junge (Ltg.), Chatschatur Kanajan, Part 3 (Rainforest IV): Matt Rogalsky & hans w. koch (Ltg.), Zsolt Sörés, Miki Yui, u. a.


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