Visions – Music of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Works by Monteverdi, Palestrina, Donizetti, Blacher, Matthus A New Music Network project

The Renaissance-period vocal music written for Dante's Divine Comedy was presented in electronic sound spaces and video projections. The fascinating contrast between these expressive forms was the basis for a reinterpretation of one of the world's greatest literary works. Headed by the artistic director Claudia Eder and the Munich video artist Christoph Brech, this project featured a performance at the Kammerspiele Mainz and the chamber opera of Rheinsberg Castle. The composer Peter Kiefer developed a room-sound installation in the hall which the audience could enjoy a half an hour prior to the performance.

Dates and venues:
4 July 2008 8 pm, Kammerspiele Mainz, Fort Malakoff Park, Rheinstr. 4, Mainz
12 July 2008, 8 pm and 13 July 2008, 6 pm Chamber opera at the Rheinsberg Castle, 16831 Rheinsberg


Spektrum Villa Musica


Alte Schlossstr. 2

56566 Neuwied-Engers