What do we hear? – The Musicalized City

Music and sound art series

The festival What do we hear takes place in the rural region between Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz - an area with no established structures for New Music. While the local landscapes had been the thematic basis at the festivals in past years, the three annual festivals from 2006 to 2008 focused on the small, rural towns of Bad Lausick, Grimma and Colditz. The aim was to promote the towns' musical resources and to take advantage of the special acoustic features of the squares, buildings and structures for public performances.

Artistic director: Stefan Fricke
Artists: Saxon Brass Academy, Alan Hovhaness Armenian Chamber Orchestra (ARM) and others
Venues und schedule:
Bad Lausick, 7 - 17 Sep. 2006
Grimma, 6 - 16 Sep. 2007
Colditz, 11 - 21 Sep. 2008


Denkmalschmiede Höfgen

Teichstraße 11-12

04668 Grimma-Kaditzsch