digi MusicLab

Münster municipal library – funded by the hochdrei fund

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Project description

Music connects people. It brings generations together, evokes emotions and forges bonds when encounter is obstructed by differences in language, culture or religion. The power of music is the focus of a new project by the Münster municipal library, organised in cooperation with the Westphalian School for Music and the Münster artists’ collective and music label Trust in Wax. Together they will create a digital music laboratory to establish new forms of social participation, boost creativity and foster media competence in Münster. Music will serve as the key to access this innovative space of exchange and encounter – and the library is ideally positioned to serve as the link for cultural producers and culturally interested citizens alike.

The “digi MusicLab” is targeted at Münster’s entire urban community. This is where interested citizens can conduct musical-creative experiments and become acquainted with multimedia techniques. Musicians and the local music scene will professionally accompany the project and provide further impulses in the form of jam sessions and scratch cafés. Additional proficiency-building events include workshops on producing radio broadcasts, sound collages, and the chance to earn a DJ license and other similar certificates. The “digi MusicLab” will be accompanied by a curated programme of music exhibitions, theme-based week-long events and presentations. For the municipal library, the “digi MusicLab” is the first phase in an extensive, longer-term programme entitled “CreativeLab”, with which it hopes to establish itself as a permanent venue of cultural experimentation.

Partners: Westphalian School for Music, Beatnetz Münster, F.T.I. e.V., Trust in Wax – artists’ collective and music label

hochdrei – Changing City Libraries

With its programme "hochdrei – Changing City Libraries" the Federal Cultural Foundation aims to strengthen city libraries as cooperative and participatory cultural locations.


Münster municipal library

Stefanie Dobberke
Alter Steinweg 11
48143 Münster
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