Maji Maji Flava

Theatre project - supported by the TURN Fund

The Maji Maji Project Foto: N.Klinger

A theatrical investigation of the historical relations between Germany and Tanzania

Between 1905 and 1907, the Maji Maji uprising challenged the colonial administration of German-East Africa and was eventually quelled in the most brutal fashion. Since the 1960s, the uprising has become a national legend in post-colonial Tanzania because it was the first time various ethnic groups in the colony united against a common foe. In Germany, however, the historic event has been largely forgotten.



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The Maji Maji Project Trailer

This intercontinental theatre production addressed the discrepancy in how both countries perceive their shared history. During the various stages of the research, workshop and rehearsal process in Tanzania and Germany, the team at the German Flinntheater and three dancers associated with the Tanzanian theatre project Asedeva examined colonial history and the Maji Maji cult from different perspectives. Instead of creating a showcase for cultural differences, the participants of the “Maji Maji Flava” intended to use the stage as an arena for clashing their respective political-historical, linguistic and cultural impressions. Along with dance and drama, music represented an essential part of the performance. As a band, the performers offered ironic commentary on historic events and contemporary neo-colonial structures.

Artistic directors: Isack Peter Abeneko (TZ), Lisa Stepf (DE), Sophia Stepf (DE), Konradin Kunze (DE)
Participants: Isack Peter Abeneko (TZ), Jan S. Beyer, Sabrina Ceesay, Konradin Kunze, Shabani Mugado (TZ), Lisa Stepf


Scheduled dates

21.1.2017 - TaSUba Bagamoyo, Dar es Salam
24.1.2017 - Daressalam International Aacademy
26.1.2017 - House of Culture, National Museum Dar es Salam (11 am)
27.1.2017 - House of Culture (11 am and 7.30 pm)
28.1.2017 - House of Culture (7.30 pm)

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