10 Odd Emotions

by Saar Magal

Project description

The international project “10 Odd Emotions” by the Israeli choreographer Saar Magal is one of the main productions at Schauspiel Frankfurt during its 2020/21 season. Magal’s pieces are known for blurring the boundaries of different genres. For this new production, actors in the standing ensemble of Schauspiel Frankfurt will be working together with dancers from the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company along with independent dancers, actors, musicians and visual artists. In preparation for the production, the team will interview survivors of the Holocaust and members of Jewish communities in Germany and other countries. Together, the artists will investigate depictions of anti-Semitism on stage and explore experiences of exclusion and inclusion. The project aims to create a space of experience where belongingness and marginalisation can be explored in depth and enriched by intensive, controversial debate.

Concept, direction, choreography (in collaboration with the ensemble): Saar Magal
Music: Omer Klein
Stage: Magdalena Gut
Costumes: Slavna Martinovic
Rehearsal management choreography: Niv Marinberg
Dramaturgy: Alexander Leiffheidt
Lighting: Frank Kraus
Video: Natan Berkowicz, Macin Kosakowski
Dance dramaturgical consulting: Julia Kraus
Stage design: Eva Veronica Born

Furter artists: Sarah Grunert, Todd Baker, Adaya Berkovich, Felix Berning, Kevin Beyer, Bat El Dotan, Roberta Inghilterra, Clay Koonar, Barbora Kubátová, Amanda Lana, Zoe Lenzi Allaria, Allison McGuire, Gjergji Meshaj, Alessandra Miotti, Gaizka Morales Richard, David Leonidas Thiel, Andreas Vögler, Isaiah Wilson, Paul Wolff-Plotegg and Omer Klein & Silvan Strauss (live music)


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Previous events

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  • 23 January, 2023 to 30 January, 2023: Aufführungen

    Schauspiel Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main

  • 25 March, 2021 : Premiere

    Städtische Bühnen, Frankfurt am Main


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