Around the world – A theatrical investigation with 20 performances

80*81 deals with what happened at the turn of the year 1980/81. For example, what did the Polish pope, AIDS, the peace movement, metrosexuality, Reagan, American Gigolo and the Green Party have in common? 80*81 was a year-long research project that aimed to change our perception of history through artistic means. The initiators – writer Georg Diez and director Christopher Roth – were investigating contemporary history by means of pop culture – a task that required collaboration with fine artists, filmmakers, musicians, comic writers, philosophers and historians. Their research focused on the social developments of the past 30 years – beginning on New Year’s Eve at the turn of 1980/81. Every month, they researched at a different location, e.g., in Johannesburg, New York and Shanghai. To ensure their research is visible to the public on a regular basis, they produced short “theatrical performances of knowledge with play-like character”, which were presented on location. These performances will also be presented at Kampnagel in Hamburg, the Staatsoper in Munich, and other venues. In cooperation with the Publishing House Verlag in Zürich, the organizers published a book each month containing material, story boards and interviews.

Artistic directors: Georg Diez, Christopher Roth
Participants / artists: René Pollesch, Chris Petit (GB), Slavoj Žižek (SI), Mei-lun Xue (CN), Dave Eggers (USA), Filipa César (PT), Jörg Koch, Enqi Bilal (F), Pierre Christin (F), Bob Last (GB), Patrick Frey (CH), Rufus Wainwright (USA), Jean-Pierre Gorin (F), Harry G. West (USA), Michael Taussig (USA), Mike Kelley (USA), Robert Longo (USA), Colin MacCabe (GB), Sophie Fiennes (GB) and others

Venues and schedule: Various locations in Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg, New York, Munich, Johannesburg and other cities, 1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2010
6 July 2011, Munich, Münchner Opernfestspiele 2011, Pavillon 21 MINI Opera Space, 6 p.m. - 2 a.m.


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