A Night Off

Theatre project by Helena Waldmann & friends

The director and choreographer Helena Waldmann became world-famous with her productions Letters from Tentland and Return to Sender. This project addressed the theme of work and the fears tied to losing or not having it. What is left of us when someone takes away our work? To what degree do people around the world define themselves by their work and to what extent are they able to free themselves of it even if only in fun? Waldmann explored areas of life that are not defined by work - a party, dance, religion, games - in order to avoid the stigmatization of the jobless in our society and offer alternatives by way of international comparisons. The project began with workshops centred on the motto "A Night Off" in a dozen countries including Egypt and India. Selected musicians and dancers from these workshops then collaborated on a production that hoped to "take some of the shine off the brilliant repute" of work.

Artistic director: Helena Waldmann
Participants: Karina Smigla- Bobinski (PL) and others

Venues and schedule:
Kampnagel Hamburg, Tanzhaus Düsseldorf, Sophiensaele Berlin, Burghof Lörrach, Festival Internacional des las artes Castilla y León Salamanca (E); 1 February - 30 June 2008.

Premiere: 13 February 2008 at Kampnagel Hamburg.


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