Augenblick Mal! - Facing Reality

Political theatre for young audiences

“Facing Reality” was a new feature of the “Augenblick mal!” theatre festival for young audiences. International productions were invited to the festival to offer new ideas for the development of children’s and youth theatre in Germany.
An unsolved case of a murdered boy in the leftist scene (Croatia), a young teacher whose unconventional teaching methods meet fierce resistance (Hungary), a sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church (Ireland) – all the productions addressed current and historic issues which touch the lives of children and young people. Not only did the productions portray their social reality, but also explored it in depth and put it in context. The participation of young amateur actors alongside professionals and the focus on real-life issues provided an impressive degree of authenticity.
The festival wanted to emphasize the political dimension of theatre work for children and young people, sharpen the participants’ awareness of this fact and integrate children and young people into the artistic processes of theatre. After the performances, the participants had an opportunity to speak with artists, experts and theatre producers on the future viability of political children’s and youth theatre.

Artistic directors: Gerd Taube, Kay Wuschek
Artists: Árpád Schilling (HU), Feidlim Cannon und Gary Keegan (IE), Anica Tomic (HR)

"Augenblick mal! 2013" was a project by the Children's and Young People's Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany and the
German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Kinder- und Jugendtheaterzentrum in der BRD

Schützenstraße 12

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