The Dance Company Theater in Osnabrück and CocoonDance in Bonn have embarked on a journey in search of the history of the body. This project addresses the question of one’s roots –biographically, physically and culturally – of being uprooted and the possibility of putting roots down again. Each body has its own biography. Experiences are stored deep within which can be recalled as physical memories. And in the same way one’s history is inscribed in the body, manifested in physical sensations, postures, and patterns of movements and excitation, the body of every dancer is shaped through his or her dance training.

For their two-night performance “Biografia del Corpo” the dancers Rafaële Giovanola and Mauro de Candia begin by searching for their roots as dancers and choreographers. On the basis of “physical-biographical” movement material collected during a research and rehearsal phase with refugees living in Osnabrück, Giovanola and de Candia will go on to develop dance and performance pieces in various formats.


Theater Osnabrück

Domhof 10/11
49074 Osnabrück