China Hair Connection Beijing-Cologne

Interdisciplinary performance project

Hair is an expression of one's personality, a signal of cultural, religious and social affiliation. It symbolizes the intimate and animalistic character of human nature. The internationally active Cologne-based artists Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser developed a project in public space based on "hair" using dance, theatre, performance art and installations. Their project partner was the Living Dance Studio, an independent Chinese dance company that performs at venues around the world. This project was produced in Beijing and Cologne with several performances in the Eigelstein-Viertel in Cologne and in the district Caochangdi in Beijing.

Artistic directors: Angie Hiesl, Roland Kaiser
Participating artists: to be announced

Venues and schedule:
21.08.2008 8 p.m. Premiere, Eigelstein-Viertel Cologne (meeting point: Eigelstein-Torburg, Ebertplatz)
Additional performances in Cologne: 22., 23., 28., 29., 30.08.2008, 8 p.m.
10.-12.10.2008 Performances in Caochang Di, Beijing (CHN)


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