Civic Mimic

Dance performance installation

This theatre installation examined the interaction between dance and architecture – both of which, one could argue, are choreographic systems which regulate human behaviour in time and space. Civic Mimic focused on the conventions of representation in dance and architecture, and placed them in intermedial dialogue. The project explored how one could convey the processes of translation between choreographies, composition and architecture through structural design, or dance notations and scores through video, music and performances. It illustrated how the performative act of dancing allowed the artist to participate in designing and redefining spaces.
Civic Mimic combined dance, installation art and live music. By means of varying perspectives using interactive video systems, the viewers were drawn physically and medially into the architectural structure and choreographic environments of sound. Civic Mimic was a cooperative venture between international artists and performers from various artistic disciplines.

Artistic director: Richard Siegal; Musical director: Hubert Machnik; Dramaturge: Christine Peters; Architectural design: Françoise Roche (F); Light design: Antoine Seigneur-Guerrini (F); Costume design: Alexandra Bertaut (F); Dance artists: Francesca Mattavelli (IT), Camille Revol (F), Stéphanie Lavaux (F), Paula Sanchez (ES), Caroline Geiger, Kenneth Flak (N) and others


The Bakery Berlin

Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58

10709 Berlin