Culture is Our Weapon

International theatre workshop at the Theaterformen festival

The Theaterformen festival collaborates with partners from Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, South Africa and the United States to develop theatre projects and workshops. This does not entail inviting foreign guests to perform in Germany, but rather working on the pieces together with some of the most outstanding playwrights and ensembles in the world on location. A new play was developed together with the Baxter Theatre Centre in South Africa based on written protocols by people who consider themselves drug addicts. Artists in Brazil examined the complicated living situations in violence-ridden residential areas together with the inhabitants there.

Artistic director: Stefan Schmidtke
Participants / artists: AfroReggae (BR), Lara Foot Newton (ZA), Iwan Wyrypajew (RUS), Young Jean Lee (USA), ca. 100 amateurs and theatre artists from the Hannover region

Venues in Hannover:
Performance venues at the Lower Saxon State Theatre of Hannover, youth centres, Theater der Freien Szene
Schedule: 10 Jun. - 24 Jun. 2007


Niedersächsische Staatstheater Hannover GmbH

Opernplatz 1

30159 Hannover (external link, opens in a new window)