Detour through China – A Change of Scenery


After having examined the processes of transformation in eastern Europe and their effects on western European societies, the Hebbel am Ufer theatre (HAU) turned its attention to changes taking place in Chinese society and how they are reflected in a variety of artistic genres. The rapid process of transformation facing China today can serve as model, in both a positive and negative sense, for European societies facing similar economic and social changes in the coming years. By "taking a detour" through China, the West will be able to view itself from afar. How is China trying to solve its economic problems? What role does family, culture and religion play? Which solutions could also be applied to problems here in Europe? Chinese society seems less susceptible to the eroding effects of modernity; the population usually regards new advancements positively. However, more and more people are voicing their concerns about the current living conditions in China. The HAU invited young, leading Chinese artists to participate in this extensive, cross-genre project.

Artistic director: Matthias Lilienthal
Participants: Chen Zhi Sheng, Peng Yu, Sun Yuan, Ai Waiwei (all CHN), and others

Venue and schedule: Berlin, Hebbel am Ufer, June 2007


Hebbel am Ufer
Matthias Lilienthal

Stresemannstraße 29

10963 Berlin